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Richard Gardner dreamed of owning a bookstore. He started simply in 1991 by selling books out of boxes on the floor. Nearly two decades later, we’ve expanded to approximately 23,000 square feet of books, comics, DVDs, CDs/records, video games and collectibles.

We buy/sell/trade nearly every form of media imaginable (please ask about our trade policy). Our staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They can assist you in finding the perfect book for your taste.

If you get hungry while browsing, Faye’s Casual Cafe and/or Senor Fajitas can serve your food and drink needs at an affordable price.

Sound too good to be true? Come visit us at 4421 S. Mingo Road and see for yourself!

Our friendly staff is always willing to help customers find just the right book.


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  1. Do you carry recent copies of harlequin romance books. I used to shop at another bookstore who has closed so I’m looking for a new place to shop. And what are your hours?

  2. We absolutely carry recent harlequin romance books. There is a wide selection of various harlequin series both in our romance room and also in the new releases area. Please stop by our store at 4421 S Mingo and we’ll be happy to show you where they are.

  3. i was wondering if i could trade a few books for a book i absolutly need.. The name of it is untamed, by kristin Cast? It’s one of the House Of Night Series..

  4. We love to trade books here at Gardner’s! Kristin Cast (along with all of our paranormal-type books) are in the Class 1 trade category. In order to get trade credit in this category, you should bring in either other “special authors” (we have a very long list of our favorite authors at the store if you can come by and pick it up) or “special subjects” (native american, oklahoma, tulsa, vampires, witches and much more–again an associate at the store can fill you exactly what qualifies for Category 1 trade credit).

    After you have credit on your account, you simply find the book you want and then you may use your credit toward all but $1 of the book’s price. So for example if the book that you want is priced in our store for $8, we would use $7 from your Category 1 credit and you would simply pay $1 plus taxes.

    For more information please stop our store at 4421 S Mingo

  5. Thank you for your question. Currently we are selling all of our VHS tapes for $0.99, so we only very rarely are interested in buying VHS, and since we sell them for less than a dollar we could not pay much for the ones that we do want. However, if you have any VHS that you would like to sell, please bring them to 4421 S Mingo Rd and we will be happy to take a look. We would be more interested in children’s/Disney movies or specialized tapes. Thanks.

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  7. I am having a hard time finding a book for my daughters summer assignment. It’s Colum Padriac. The Golden Fleece: and the Heroes Who lived before Achilles. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 2004. (ISBN 0- 689-86884-7)
    If you happen to have that book, please hold it for me, and I will come in and purchase it.
    Let me know!

  8. Hello,

    Unfortunately, our bookstore carries over 3 million titles, and we do not currently have an electronic database of all of the books we have in stock. However, if you have a little bit of time, please come down to our store. A sales associate will be happy to assist you in your search. Thanks!

  9. Do you ever buy old textbooks? My husband has a bunch of old (around 3-5 years old) engineering textbooks that we don’t want to keep but don’t want to throw away. Thanks!

  10. Hello,

    We do purchase old textbooks, but unfortunately, if they’re out of date, we can’t offer you much in cash for them. However, we can offer you considerably more in trade credit since some of our home-schoolers are interested in older textbooks. Thanks!

  11. Hi,
    Cleaning out our house and have a bunch of stuff I need to bring! Do you take cassete tapes, religious books on casette tapes and vhs? Do you take computer software? Thank you!

  12. I have some older (2000 & 2003) Building Code books that are in new shape. I believe a couple may still have the plastic on them. I also have around 200 Treasure/Prospecting magazines dating from early 200’s to the 1980’s. Do you buy those as well?

  13. Hello,

    I am interested in your Daredevil #1 (Diabolico) in Espanol. Can you please write back with a price if it is still available? Thanks,


  14. Hello,

    I am a children’s book author, now living near Tulsa Oklahoma. I was wondering if you do book signings for local authors. In 2010, I wrote and published a book called “I Sit In A Wheelchair….But I Will Be Okay” It is about a five year old girl named Penny Brown who goes to school in a wheelchair. She becomes upset that she can’t walk, run, or jump rope like the other kids. Her parents and best friend Amy help Penny realize t is okay to be different.

    That is what my Illustrator, Michelle Oakley and I are trying to accomplish with this series. We are working on more ideas for Penny books. I know with a lot of children going back to school, teasing could become a problem. We want children to know it is okay to be just the way they are.

    I would be very interested in doing a signing. I have copies of the book, I will be happy to bring in.

    Thanks for your time,

    Brittany Crawford

  15. We have hosted several book signings in the past, and would love to host your event. If you could give us a call 918-627-7323 and ask for Gerry or Krystal. They will be able to work out the logistics with you. Thank you!

  16. The Daredevil #1 (en Espanol) is priced at $199.95. It is still available. Please give us a call at our internet office at 918-764-9532 (M-F 9-5) and we will be happy to make arrangements with you.

  17. We would absolutely LOVE to see your collection. If it is possible to bring it to our store at 4421 S Mingo in Tulsa, we would be able to evaluate your collection and make an offer. If the collection is too large to bring, please call leave a message for Richard at 918-250-7381. Or call us at 918-764-9532 (M-F 9-5) if you have any trouble.

  18. We carry a wide variety of cookbooks. Unfortunately our store carries nearly 3 million books, and we have no electronic database for them all. If you are able to come by the store at 4421 S Mingo in Tulsa, we would be happy to point you towards the cookbooks. I am sure there are many titles that you may enjoy.

  19. We very rarely take cassette tapes or VHS tapes. Generally speaking we sell our VHS tapes for under $1 and rarely carry cassette tapes. However, if you would like to bring your items to our store at 4421 S Mingo, we would be happy to take a look at them and make you an offer if we can use them.

  20. I have a collection of Comic books that I am looking to 1st find value of and then possibly sale. Can anyone there help me if I bring them in?
    Thank you

  21. We would love to help you with your comics. We unfortunately don’t do “appraisals”; we can tell you about what we would be able to pay for the comics and why. If you are able to bring your collection to our store at 4421 S Mingo Road, the comic book specialist’s name is Dan. He has many years of experience grading and pricing comics. He would be able to discuss your collection with you. He is usually in the store M-F from 10-6.

  22. Thank you for providing the link to the books that you need. Anyone willing to help may purchase books from the list at 25% off. Let the cashier know that you are helping the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences, and the cashier will apply the discount as well as collect the books for delivery to TSAS.

  23. Thank you! We have the list. Gardner’s will allow anyone to purchase books to help out TSAS. Please see the link above. We will provide a deep discount to anyone willing to donate books to TSAS. Let the cashier know. Thank you all for helping our Tulsa neighbors!

  24. I am getting ready to move and have a number of hardback and paperback mostly fiction books that are in good to excellent shape (I think) and wanted to see if you were interested in buying any. I have a list I can e-mail you if you are interested. Thanks!

  25. Do you have a copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion? Surely you must, but I didn’t want to head out unless I knew you had a copy…thanks!

  26. We would love to take a look at your collection. If it is possible to bring the books to the store (4421 S Mingo Rd) an associate would be able to look at them and make you an offer. Unfortunately, we cannot look at list and make an offer because condition is fundamentally important when making offers for books. We have to see them in person. If you are trying to come from far outside of Tulsa, or if the collection is much too large to bring to our store, we would be happy to accept some photographs.

  27. Unfortunately there is no ability to look up what we have in the store at any given moment. However if you call the store (918) 627-7323 the cashier will be happy to look on the shelf if he/she is able to walk away from the desk. I would recommend that you try to call after about 4pm when the cashiers are less busy and they will be able to look on the shelves. Thanks so much!

  28. I have an interest in old personal bibles that have been highlighted, underlined, notes written by the scriptures, and are thoroughly worn out! Do you have any?

  29. My wife and I visit OK once a year for vacation, and always come by the store to buy some books, and to the coffee shop to buy some capuccino and chai. I lived there in Tulsa for more than 28 years, and I still love you guys. We will be there in Tulsa on the 24th, unfortunately too late for the tent sale, but we always make it a point to come by and visit. You are still the best book store I have ever seen! See you guys soon!!!

  30. I have a couple of large boxes of books. Can I drop them off at the store and you can look through them at your convenience and let me know if you are interested in buying them?

  31. Hello! I have an interesting request…I would like to see if you have any “old” or “poor” condition books that would be available for re-purposing. I would like to make a book page wreath, but don’t really want to dismantle a good condition book for the parts. Thank you in advance.

  32. We have a huge selection of books that are great for crafts and projects. I would suggest that you first look at our 25 cent tables outside. Sometimes there are some gems perfect for a project. I would also suggest looking at the “books by the foot” area in the store. These books are often attractive, but out of date.

    Please stop by and let us help you. And when you’re done with your project, please email us some pictures! A Book page wreath sounds like the perfect holiday item around here!

  33. We sure do buy video games and game guides. Obviously condition and system and demand are very important. We are happy to look at your collection and make you an offer. Please bring them to our store at 4421 S Mingo Rd. We carry many kinds video games (from Atari to Xbox 360 and PS3), so we would love to have the game guides for these games.

  34. We are happy to look at books that you are trying to sell while you wait. I suggest coming in the afternoon when the store is less busy if you are in a hurry. A sales associate will look at the books and make you an offer.

  35. We do have a regular supply of Bibles. Our Bibles come in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. The Bibles tend to sell quickly, but we usually have a few that may meet your needs. And yes sometimes they are THOROUGHLY marked up!

  36. Do you have the following cookbook:

    Down-Home Cooking: Worldwide recipes from the people of TRW Reda Pump Division

    Thank you!

  37. Do you sell gift cards to your store? Will you be selling any online for the Holiday season this year? Thank you for your time!

  38. We sure do sell gift cards at our store. They come in a variety of denominations and are a great stocking stuffer. Unfortunately, we do not sell them online yet. However, stop by our store at 44th and Mingo and we will be happy to help.

  39. We have a LOT of cookbooks! I did check our online store and we do not currently have the book at our online location. But there are thousands of cookbooks at our store on 44th & Mingo. If you have time, please stop by and we can show you our huge selection of cookbooks.

  40. Could you post you sales you are having in your store? That way I will know when to head that way!!

  41. Hi! We always love to support local artists. Please call 918-627-READ. Ask for Krystal or Gerry. They will be able to coordinate an author signing at our store.

  42. We try to put major events on the website, but we have different sales all the time. Unfortunately all of the deals don’t make it to the website, but we do put them all on Facebook. The best we to stay up with our current sales is to join our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/GardnersUsedBooks (there is also a twitter feed!).

  43. Hi, I have a lot of books (all of which are in good condition) that I haven’t read or either don’t want anymore and would like to sell. My question now is if there is a limit on how many you can sell at once or any other information I would need ABOUT selling my books to your store that I should know before hand so that maybe I could think about this more efficiently before I make a decision.

    I’m running out of space for my books and know I’m never going to read certain ones again/for a first time and really would love to sell them as I could use the money. Thank you for any information that you can offer.

  44. Hi we would love to make you a cash offer for your books.

    There is no limit to the number of books you can bring to sell for cash (we strongly encourage people to limit books 35 if you want to trade them in for store credit). We also encourage people with large amounts of books to sell to stop by in the afternoon or evenings when the store is a little less busy. You are welcome to in the morning, but there may be a wait.

    Condition is very important. Your books sound like they are beautiful, but condition greatly affects what we can offer for books (this includes dust jacket, etc).

    We look forward to your visit!

  45. Our store carries millions of books (with a pretty large business section). Please come by and let us show you the business books, maybe you can find one that you need.