What We Offer

Since we buy such an assortment of awesome products from customers like you, we sell just about everything you can think of, from every genre of book ever written to movies, music, collectibles, fine art prints and more at a fraction of retail price!

Whether you need to fix your sink, fix a meal, or learn to speak a foreign language? Check out our extensive selection of self-help, cookbooks, and do-it-yourself books including; the “For Dummies” and “Complete Idiots Guide To” series, Chilton auto repair manuals, even books on building your own computer.

Don’t forget to check out our Internet store too for even more; textbooks, hard-to-find items, and everything in between!

Buy Local

Gardner’s is a 100% locally owned and operated business. That means anything you buy at Gardner’s Used Books directly goes into our local economy. Support Tulsa and Support Oklahoma by shopping at locally owned stores. And join organizations such as Buy Local and Made in Oklahoma to help keep Oklahoma strong. We support the spirit of entrepreneurial-ism in Tulsa. Check our links for some of our favorite locally owned venues.